ALPI Portugal & Team Building

Team building

Nowadays Team Building phenomenon is very common in the companies to create a competitive and collaborative atmosphere and to improve worker’s performance.

Collaboration can stimulate creative thinking in a company environment and lead to new ideas to increase profitability.

Building teams is important to consolidate the corporate culture and to unify colleagues around a goal, for instance, team building can create an environment where team members support one another and help each individual reach his purpose.

We want to talk about our reality at ALPIworld, in particular about what happened at Alpi Portugal

“Alpi Portugal is proudly growing in the market, also because we have fun! On June 20-21, we attended a “team building” weekend which will be memorable and may demonstrate how we can get close to each other by just having fun. It started with paintball, archery and other traditional games in the woods and under a 35ºC sun. After a reborning not-so-light meal, we went rowing on the river and took part in others water activities such as water banana ride. 

The next morning we all went to the beach for breathing and stretching always in a close stimulating environment. After a morning brunch, we had to prepare a peddy-paper/treasure hunt before going into the kitchen and becoming chefs for 2 hours. At the end of the day, we took a nice boat ride in our “Venezia” city, called Aveiro, that welcomed us so warmly and we ended the weekend by singing our hymn.

In the end we were all “happily dead” but we are aware that these various activities helped us motivate the team members and increase their involvement at work.”