Fiscal Representation - ALPI Moda

If there is no stable organisation in Italy ALPI Servizio Moda, logistics division of Albini & Pitigliani, can offer the service of Fiscal Representation in order to properly manage VAT values.

This accounts for a VAT Code, dedicated administrative personnel and a banc account that serves the purpose of retreiving VAT values from Italian fiscal authority and remitting them to your company.



1- Italian vendors will invoice to your company with Italian VAT

2- ALPI will register the values of the invoice on its FR system

3- You will invoice to your final customer with proper VAT code depending on the area of destination

4- Your fiscal rep. will then invoice the same amount to your company

5- ALPI will register the selling invoice and values on its FR system

6- ALPI submits proper reporting to the Italian fiscal authority:

  • Intrastat declaration
  • Spesometro (Italian legislation)
  • VAT declaration
  • VAT reimbursement declaration
  • ALPI will issue a bank surety on your behalf to guarantee the value of the operation to the fiscal authority
  • Once VAT reimbursement received from the Italian fiscal Authority, Alpi will reimburse you with the same amount

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