Fiscal Representation - ALPI Danmark


ALPI Danmark can provide Fiscal Representation and actual does this for several companies.

The procedures in general are as follows:

1- Registration of the foreign company c/o Alpi Danmark A/S. For this we need copy of the domestic registration of the company, name and address of the management of the company including copy of passport. VAT number will be provided to the fiscal company.   

2- Establishing a Danish bank account, this is required by the Danish Authorities.

3- All import shipments must be invoiced to the fiscal company, payment to supplier can be done by foreign company.

4: All sales invoices must be issued in the name of the fiscal company, payment can take place to foreign company.

5- VAT account will be settled, usually every 3 months. Payment of VAT to Danish Customs will be done by fiscal company (Alpi Danmark A/S) and charged to foreign company.

6- Depending on the size of outlay, Alpi Danmark A/S might require a Bank Guarantee for an average amount for a period of 3 month.  

7- Alpi Danmark A/S will charge foreign company an administration fee according to time used.

8- For the establishing of the fiscal company, Alpi Danmark A/S will charge EURO 900,00.

All details regarding the listed items, can be supplied in case of possible cooperation.

For further information, please contact: