ALPI Servizio Moda Website is now online!

The Alpi group is proud to announce the website of Alpi Servizio Moda, the logistics division of the group, online from today in the Italian version and in the English version

In prevision, there would be also the idea to make the website available in the Chinese version.

Time was right and after several years of success and consolidation, Alpi Servizio Moda had a reason to exist online like any other company of the group.

The development of the website followed the style, the graphics and the imprint of the website of the mother company Albini&Pitigliani, to respect the principles of coherence of the group.

The contents, at disposal from desktop as from mobile device, are divided into two macro areas:

  1. A section totally dedicated to the services offered by Alpi Servizio Moda: Pick&Pack, Quality Control, Value added services, Reverse management, Transport and delivery, E-commerce and fiscal representation.
  2. A section where are illustrated all the structures in Tuscany for a total of over 40.000 square meters of warehouses at disposal of logistics clients: Gonfienti, Calenzano, Macrolotto, Macrolotto 2, Agliana and Vaiano.

Alpi Servizio Moda is also active on two important social networks: Facebook and Linkedin, where contents relayed to the company (services, staff, warehouses) and contents about the logistic world of the fashion design will be published. While the News section of the website is shared with the principal website of the mother company Albini&Pitigliani and the other companies of the group to reinforce the image and reputation online of all the network.

“It is a big step for us!” declares Lorenzo Albini, sole administrator of Alpi Servizio Moda and managing director of Albini&Pitigliani Spa, “we have already a twenty year experience that permits us to give life and value to our logistic activities and obtain an identity online today is fundamental to reach out to potential clients that don’t know us until today. We are very happy to share our story, services and development with all of you” claims Lorenzo Albini.