ALPI Puerto Rico 20th Anniversary

We want to share with you the latest events that happened in Puerto Rico. As you may know, the category 5 hurricane that hit Puerto Rico in September caused terrible devastation, destroying homes and towns and leaving much of the island without electricity, drinkable water, and telecommunications.  The situation there is still dramatic and although our office in San Juan is finally up and running, it is not at full capacity. In October, ALPI USA offices worked together and rushed some needed supplies to help their friends to rebuild their everyday life.

In addition, October 2017 was the official 20th Anniversary of the opening of our ALPI Puerto Rico office, a milestone that for obvious reasons was not celebrated. In order to honor the occasion, our Italian offices did a donation to support the recovery of ALPI San Juan. With this gesture, we hope to demonstrate our solidarity with our Puerto Rican colleagues and friends as they work through this difficult time. 

Happy 20th Anniversary ALPI San Juan!  We sincerely hope that the future will bring you better moments.