ALPI Portugal 25th Anniversary!

ALPI Portugal has celebrated last April the 25th anniversary, meaning a bright silver age!

It has been a long and hard journey by road, sea, and air, but proudly we say that the growth of our organization has been quite significant and nowadays ALPI Portugal is clearly recognized as one of the best players in Portugal in terms of freight forwarding.

In order to celebrate it properly, we made a small family party in our beautiful town of Porto with all people working in our company – already close to 50 – and the representation of the board by Edoardo Albini and Sandro Pitigliani meant a lot to ALPI Portugal as a recognition of our evolution.

The goal is to continue to grow, slowly but steadily, based on our excellent network and the continuous opening of new markets and projects.

Surely you will hear a lot about ALPIness in Portugal in the next 25 years…