ALPI Express 25th Anniversary

Alpi Express.pngAlpi Express was born in 1990 thanks to will of Albini&Pitigliani and Mr. Rodolfo Fedi, Mr. Attilio Bruni and Mr. Vasco Ignesti. Our mission was manage the pick up in Prato of parcel for account of Albini&Pitigliani.

The company has grown quickly. After few years since it was born, the number of people and truck increase from 5 to 16. After some years we developed also from Tuscany up to North and Center Italy. 

In the 1997 we started to collaborate with FedEx for managing international express shipment, sending from our customer in Prato. In the 2003 we started also to manage national express shipment, from and to everywhere in Italy. This moment was our big bang. From that point we were able to offer to our customer three different services: pick up for Albini&Pitigliani, domestic service and international service. Our mission changed in managing express shipment in Italy and all over the World.

Following the raising of Albini&Pitigliani in Milan, in the 2005 Alpi Express Nord was found

In the 2011 we started to collaborate with UPS, adding them to FedEx and following our intention to offer a complete express shipment service. Today we are able to offer guarantee delivery time (9:00, 12:00, 18:00) or economy services or dedicated vehicles in Europe. We are able to offer also on time delivery thanks to twice domestic airport (Pisa and Bologna) and twice European HUB (Paris and Dortmund), which means delays caused by bad weather or strike are less than 1% of managed shipment.

In the 2013 we create iSpedire, a website for managing shipment coming from private customer or small business.

We are able now to manage every kind of express shipment.

Nowadays Alpi Express has up to 40 workers involved on it.

View the video for our 25th Anniversary: