MA.RA Logistics - Training Courses for Employees

The process of improving our employees is imposed by the actual economic evolution of the company itself and also part of the company's mission. The staff must be as well prepared as possible to meet the company's objectives in a world where success depends on the ability to deliver quality, diversity, customer satisfaction, optimal and prompt benefits. Today, a great emphasis is placed on the learning that takes place inside the organization as well as outside. The free movement of knowledge through the functional structure of the organization is essential, and this know-how involves the suppliers and clients of the company who support the need for learning.

MA.RA Logistics employees are constantly trained to improve the quality of the services they offer, as well as their professional development, which is a plus of confidence in their own forces, so also a motivation method. These courses include the CMR Convention Course, Communication Techniques, INCOTERMS Courses.