ALPI UK Charity Donations

ALPI UK Charity Donations

This year ALPI UK once again asked their staff to nominate charitable organizations who may have personally helped and supported them or their families through a particularly difficult period of their life.

The staff replied with an abundance of enthusiasm and verve, the like of which prompted ALPI UK to nominate four charitable organizations with donations.

Norfolk and Norwich Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

I have had the first hand at dealing with such a traumatic experience that affected my family immensely.  Arlo, my Grandson, was born in February with complications that none of us expected, he was in the unit for 14 weeks and I can only say the care he received was the best I had ever seen.  The hospital not only care for the babies but the entire family, this is all provided only by donations and fundraising.

Bridget (Basildon Office)

St Helena Hospice, Colchester

My mum passed away there in 2002.  The staff and the whole organization helped not only my mum in her final weeks, but me and my family.  My mum had lung cancer, St Helena Hospice made her very comfortable allowing me and my family to stay by her side until the end.  They care for many patients at the Hospice and do a great job.

Charlie (Basildon Office)

St Luke’s Hospice, Basildon

My wife's cousin recently passed away after having an aggressive form of cancer, she was 70 years of age and left a doting and caring husband and two sons.  The care and support St Luke’s provided whilst she was in their care helped the family immensely.  The volunteers at St Luke’s fundraise tirelessly; I recall a quiz evening they hosted and it showed how committed they were to St Luke’s and their humanity shone through.

Peter (Basildon Office)

Little Hero’s ASD

My 5-year-old Granddaughter, Evie, has been diagnosed with Autism and Little Hero’s has been a great support to my daughter and her partner.  Until Evie came along myself and my family knew nothing about Autism but with the help of Little Hero’s and Evie, we are learning more and more each day, but, the most important thing we have learned is that children with Autism are just different, not less and I know my daughter has found the support she has received from Little Hero’s invaluable.

Andrea (Basildon Office)