Interview of our agent in Israel, Mayan Overseas, to Port2Port website

Interview of our agent in Israel, Mayan Overseas, to Port2Port website

The Mayan group and the ALPI group are expanding the cooperation

The management of the Mayan Group took part in the annual conference of the ALPI Group held in Italy and held professional meetings with agents from different countries. Mr. Rosbruch, CEO of Mayan Overseas, says: “ALPI's Experience in Russia and Mexico Allows Mayan Group to Open to These Markets.”

The Alpi (Albini & Pitigliani) freight group represented in Israel by the Mayan Group holds its annual Worldwide Branch and Annual Agents Conference in Prato, where the company's headquarters are located in Tuscany, Italy. ALPI's annual conferences provide a platform for professional meetings between the Managing Directors of the European, Asian and US branches of the Company and agents from the various countries with the Group's management.

As in previous years, the management of the Mayan Group took part in the ALPI Group's annual conference. According to Mr. Rosbruch, CEO of Mayan Overseas, "The activities of the ALPI Group in recent years have been characterized by the trend of expanding and opening new markets in the world for cooperation."

The Mayan Group and the ALPI Group have been working together for over a decade on air and sea from Italy and France, and in recent years the cooperation with the United States with Alpi USA has also expanded.

This year, the Mayan Group and the ALPI Group began expanding their joint operations from two other goals, giving the ALPI Group advantages and capabilities for the Israel market: Mexico and Russia - countries where the ALPI Group has chosen to establish its own branches and become a professional trade entity.

Mr. Rosbruch adds: "Undoubtedly, this visit has greatly contributed to further strengthening the cooperation between ALPI and Mayan. Mexico and Russia are large countries that are expanding trade with Israel. These are important lines of trade, but at the same time, these are tradelines that have different complexities that require finding quality and experienced logistics partners that can ensure proper and professional handling of both imports into Israel and exports from Israel throughout the supply chain. The experience of the ALPI group that has accumulated in recent years in both Russia and Mexico allows us to open up to these markets and offer its various customers quality solutions from these targets. "

In addition to the general cargo specialization in various types of air and sea freight, ALPI Group is one of the European companies specializing in the export of Italian and French fashion and footwear to the world and Israel. The strategic position of the company's management in the city of Prato, the capital of Italy's fashion and footwear manufacturing, and the French office and warehouse layout including a dedicated fashion branch in the Paris fashion district allows to provide unique and attractive import services to fashion houses.

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