Albini & Pitigliani Version 3.0 - Interview of Managing Directors

Albini & Pitigliani Version 3.0 - Interview of Managing Directors

ALPI in Denmark is a subsidiary of the Italian freight forwarding group ALBINI & PITIGLIANI/ALPI Group. In addition to professional competences, ALPI is very much built around ALPI’s family-based values about making an effort and treating everyone respectfully.

Recently, the Italians Sandro Pitigliani and Edoardo Albini – the third generation of the ALPI Group – stopped off in Denmark. And found the time for a chat with ALPI News on the past, the present and the future.

In Denmark, Sandro Pitigliani sits on the board of ALPI Air & Sea whereas Edoardo Albini sits on the board of ALPI Danmark.

Their family-run group was founded in Italy back in 1945. At that time, two visionary friends and colleagues, Albo Albini and Alessandro Pitigliani, rented a lorry and established what has long since grown into a sprawling global logistics and transport group. ALPI is a contraction of the family names of the two founders, Albini and Pitigliani.

Their visionary approach to running a transport business was passed on to the second generation and, later, to the third generation. Today, Sandro Pitigliani and Edoardo Albini front a group with more than 70 years’ experience, more than 1,400 employees and more than 20,000 customers globally using ALPIs best-practice transport and logistics solutions. A best-practice which, in addition to professional competences, is largely based on ALPI’s family-based values about treating everyone respectfully and taking social responsibility.

Historically, the Italian group has also always considered the longstanding colleagues in foreign departments to be ”family”. Just like the third generation of the founding families are brought up to show respect for the values on which their parents and grandparents based the now international group.

What’s the secret of Albini & Pitigliani's success?

Sandro Pitigliani: “Important family values are definitely what links the three generations, of which two still actively participate in day-to-day group operations. Moreover, the family concept has been developed to include all of our internal and international collaborative partners. Throughout the years, we’ve managed to form solid collaborations based on respect, trust and, above all, personal relationships between people. As regards both employees and customers, this is our main priority.”

Edoardo Albini: “I entirely agree with Sandro. Throughout the years, we’ve developed a network of relationships with means that we can reach any part of the world with passion and dedication as part of our work. That’s our winning formula.”

How does it feel to be the third generation behind the wheel?

Sandro Pitigliani: “It’s a great responsibility but also an honor.”

Edoardo Albini: “What our grandparents and our fathers built and developed makes us feel especially proud. For this reason, we also feel very responsible for doing at least just as well as going forward.”

How has the industry developed today compared to earlier?

Sandro Pitigliani: “Definitely for the better. We’ve more tools available which improve our activities and make them even safer. Technology has made great strides and, at Albini & Pitigliani, we’ve created a new Innovation & Application department which means that we’re constantly updated in relation to developments within our industry.”

Edoardo Albini: “Doubtless, the technology’s the most significant difference to the industry: Tracing of shipments, sharing of operational information with our customers, partners and suppliers, advanced reporting developed with business intelligence tools: These are all innovative projects which no business within our industry can do without.”

What are your expectations for the future?

Edoardo Albini: “Every day, we seek to consolidate and develop our collaboration with agents and partners. In the course of recent months, we’ve opened even more ALPI branches, and this means that we’re able to further spread our values and philosophy. I believe that’s our future direction: Expanding our horizons without forgetting our values and what we come from.”

Sandro Pitigliani: “We want to develop together with our customers and continue to meet their demands and needs. Both with new local branches and new service functions. By way of example, our new Food & Beverage division, which we established last year, has already developed into a real success. We’ll always try to match new trends and new developments with the needs of both current and future customers.”