New ALPI Denmark Headquarters

A location with potential

“The Jutland department of the forwarding company ALPI and the CEO Niels Arne Markussen has for nearly 20 years been placed on Vejlevej in Lind but this era will soon finish. From June the trucks will be sent to a new terminal of 7.900 m2 located up to the highway south of Hammerum. Later on - when the present domicile has been sold - the logistic activities and the administration will follow.

The new location is opportune due to the higher visibility and accessibility of the company. It is important that we are easy to reach in every way and that we will be able to optimize our processes, explains Niels Arne Markussen.

The new office building for the administration is planned to 3500 m2 and the new logistic warehouse is planned to 8000 m2.

ALPI has been first movers to this new industrial area in Herning and the company hopes that new neighbors will soon joy them”.