ALPI Warehouses Review - ALPI Padana

This month ALPI Warehouses Review promotes ALPI Padana.

ALPI Padana offers a service dedicated to the management and storage of goods, to provide logistics services "tailored" and support the "supply chain" of customers in multiple industries.

The logistics center is able to make and supply any type of transaction relating to the customs activities, including: Customs clearance c/o ALPI Padana in domiciled procedure telematics, Export/Import, Temporary export/Temporary import, Placing in an export warehouse, Managing in Bonded warehouse.

Number and Size of Sites: 2 warehouses in Reggio Emilia area worth over 19.000 sq meters with 22 employees on site and 6 Warehouse Operators.

ALPI Padana: Over 42.000 shipments in 2015, 113.321 m3 shipped by Sea, 51.500 tonns by land and 70.900 k/volume by air.

For over 25 years is known and appreciated for their reliability and expertise in shipping and warehousing, managing to combine globalization and synergies with local businesses.