It’s personal to us. It starts with superb customer service, from origin to destination.

At ALPI, we don’t have answering machines because we believe the relationships formed with our customers are what set us apart, and are what is truly important.

We are passionate about the total customer experience, providing the same attention and motivation today as when the company was a small courier in post WWII Italy. This is why our slogan is “With Care”. It means the same in every language. It’s in the details.

Over the last 70 years, our company has grown to over 1000 dedicated and committed professionals around the globe. It’s still a family run business, where our staff handles each shipment as if it was their own personal property.

With unchanged passion, we strive to balance a growing company in a highly competitive industry, with family ethics and social responsibility; we’re linked to our community and work to maintain its environment.


with CARE...