Why De Grandi choose ICE and Albini&Pitigliani

Why De Grandi choose ICE and Albini&Pitigliani

Our corporate partner ICE and Albini & Pitigliani, with over 70 years of experience specialized in Italy, handle all aspects of your shipment, from origin to destination, so, you can enjoy peace of mind.

International Cargo Express Pty Ltd. and Albini & Pitigliani SpA believe in always being “Client focused, from beginning to end”.
An example? Since 1986, De Grandi Cycle and Sport, a major Italian sporting and cycle goods retailer, has trusted in ICE and Albini Pitigliani to import their high-end products into Australia.

Largely shipping by airfreight, the partnership has ensured De Grandi has access to the best airline options for its premium products first time, every time. And thanks to their business, consumers in Australia can have access to Italian brands like Pinarello, Wilier, Castelli, Deda and Vredestein.

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